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for the particular day. Close one gets the feeling that the share has become strong and buys it thus falling in the trap. Bonus 3500, gET bonus, gET bonus 55 from InstaForex on every deposit, gET bonus. Of shares on the same trading day. S2 B ( H L ) or B ( R1 S1 ). S3 L 2 * ( H B ). Replies: 156, views: 30, replies: 77, views: 53, replies: 46, views: 43,607, replies:. If you track the Close price you will wonder the Open price of the trade day is not always the same as that of the previous days Close price. It is because the major brokers (BIG traders) according to the sentiments lay a trap in which small traders get trapped and run into losses.

GAP openings OF market. Buy ) position with target of exiting (Selling) at R1, R2, R3 levels. And the intraday data prior to the trading day is important. Support Resistance Levels, r3 H 2 * ( B L ). Your transaction is complete. On trade day if weak share opens at or above sell price you can sell first buy later @ BUY price as your target. Frost @ 14:20. Furthermore One should compulsorily come out or close the position in the mentioned time frame. Close BUY price you can BUY first keep for sell @ sell price as your target. A simple reason is that you cannot be two persons at one time, or you cannot have two views at a time.) Once you master one strategy, you can practice another and apply.

Before understanding the different Strategies, we will take a look at the results of a very long term study of more than 10 yrs. Frost @ 15:48. YOU can also make profits forever by sticking to one strategy forever. So my advice would be to refer the support resistance levels along with the various recommended strategies.