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special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, including without limitation losses, lost revenues, or lost profits that may result from these materials. MaxADR : This version features the introduction of ADR (Average Daily Range) which is used in a few ways. We cannot be held responsible for any damages or lawsuit against you due to such regulations. Will close all trades on Friday at the CloseHour set below regardless of the current profit/loss. Raising it will result in a higher trading frequency and look for longer drawn out movements for a retrace. We recommend the default settings but you can load pre-configured strategies by double clicking on 'Default' strategy in the inputs tab and selecting a different strategy from the drop-down list. Setting this to something like 8 with a VirtualTakeProfit of 34 will result in very rare, but very precise trades. Currency Pairs: You can trade just about any non exotic curreny pairs with reasonable spread. Turning this on will make the RSI filter wait for the value to drop back down below the the SellAboveRSI period before it sells and turn back above the BuyBelowRSI value to buy.

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Backtesting, please note that because of the way the virtual trading technology works within Flex EA, backtesting will not provide accurate results. This is your standard Stochastic of the current time frame which will filter trades based on the 4 stoch settings below. If the price goes in favor of the previous trade 21 pips it will add a trade, and if the price goes against the last trade opened 21 pips it will also add a trade. This will control whether your basket of trades are modified to always share the same SL or use individual SLs. The number of bars that is used to look back and find the support and resistance lines. This will buy when TDI3 has been moving up for tdislopeBars in a row and sell when it has been moving down for tdislopeBars in a row. Every additional tier should be good for an extra 2-3 additional MT4 instances. Settings Guide, new settings added in version.50. This should be left low unless you're running extremely low risk on a big account size. ADR Days : The number of days for MaxADR to look back and calculate the Average Daily Range for.