forex exchange market pakistan

directly proportional relationship. Apni Exchange, Lahore, elements Affecting Exchange Rates, exchange rates of any country are affected by three factors; Usually investors around the world would buy any currency depending on the interest rate being paid on the currency by the central bank of that country. You can get the open market currency exchange rates of US Dollar in Pakistan ( USD) and all major currencies including Euro EUR, British Pound GBP, Saudi Riyal SAR, UAE Dirham AED, Canadian Dollar CAD and Chinese Yuan. International banks, most famous being Deutsche Bank, Barclays, hsbc, Standard Chartered, Citi etc are involved in fixing the rate of currency exchange in the global market.

We get lesser amount in return if we purchase foreign currency. Pakistani Rupee exchange, it pays to keep informed. This is applicable to currencies that have high exchange rate than Pakistani Rupee. Dollar East Money Changer, pakistan Currency Exchange Co Pvt Limited. Wall Street Exchange Co Pvt Ltd. Rest of the currency exchange rates can be found on Urdu Point. More value is imparted to the currency by high interest rates. Currency converter, convert (Amount from: To: Look in : currency archive, international.