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trade on the first occurrence of a neutral or counter-trend day. Looking for trades as opposed to waiting for setups to appear. Going through this important process will help you overcome the emotional responses forex onda eur usd grafico in tempo reale to trading that have been the downfall of so many novice traders. Is there any evident theme in play? I want to be consistently profitable after a year. For example, if you win frequently, but your winning trades are small compared to your losing trades, you might consider keeping tighter stop losses or finding ways to let your winners run further.). Day traders like to open and close trades on the same day. Calculating with pips takes some getting used to and Im planning to dedicate a separate article to this subject to make it more clear. Review index charts for short-term bias. I love taking small losses. Your trading strategy defines how you choose, open, manage and exit trades.

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I will use a trailing stop only after the price strategia trading intraday forum has gone 50 pips in my favour. Remember, attempt to be systematic in your decision-making process. Lets say you have a micro account that has USD as base currency. Much of trading effectively is about stress management. (5) How invested money will be held and managed within your trading business. Spread : This is the difference between the bid price and the ask price. Additional components of a trading business plan might include: (1) What the competition is doing. (Are you afraid to lose? (You will have losses, especially early on in your trading career, so plan for them, and dont try to win every trade; try instead to select quality trades and let them work for you). My Golden Rules (and/or) Trading Commandments: Be disciplined every day, and in every trade.