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strategies: using indicators, oscillators, support levels, so that the listeners can decide for themselves which one is more interesting to them. In September 2016 the PrivateFX became the General sponsor of the 17th international investment show, which was held in Guangzhou. Paid blogers and media did their job. For example, to get back 10 000, the investor had to deposit in the new company 10 000 more.

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Register to Blockchain Bitcoin Conference Belarus. Latest Press release of Igor Mazepa regarding Private FX situation: Feb.15, 2018 As a shareholder I am expecting the full information about the acivity of Private FX and its management in the year 2016. Submit by Maximo Trader (Written FxIgor). Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown,. Thus the client would have already 20 000 balance, however, that amount could be used only for tranding or investment, withdrawal could be possible only after 12-15 months of hold. As of March 2018, the website of Prime Broker (o ) is no longer accessible either. Cryptocurrency market has Forex and stock exchange combined. 4/If price goes down 30 pips below the 50 daily average range then the long entry also moves down with it keeping the long entry 50 of the daily average range above price. Read more about the connection between Igor Mazepa and Pavel Krymov. In December 2015, the new company was registered in the Offshore. The tools are the same, the market just has a different name. Example if the daily average range is 100 then that makes theentry long 50 pips and the entry short50 pips, if price starts at say 500 then it has to go above 550 or below 450 to trigger an entry.

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