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one of the main reasons they are preferred; but it is important to factor in the costs of that extra commission. Fraudulent and dishonest brokers were using several means to trick their clients by offering incorrect price feeds, manipulating the platforms, and by trading against its clients to ensure that their traders lose their money in the markets. An ECN forex broker is an expert who uses electronic communications networks (ECNs) forza indice indicatore forex to provide its forex trading clients direct access to other participants in the currency markets. A broker should have an excellent reputation with its past and present clients, while it should have mostly positive reviews in online customer forums.

ECNs pass on all of the prices from multiple forex market participants, such as banks and market makers, along with other forex traders connected to the ECN. ECN brokers can be divided into three groups: True ECN. It also means that traders using an ECN broker can benefit from zero-pip spreads, because ECN forex brokers make their money by charging commission on top of the spread. Therefore, to accommodate the needs of smaller retail traders, Forex companies started adopting the market maker trading protocol, which worked on matching traders orders through an internal dealing desk. Best Forex Brokers with ECN Forex Trading. Unlike fixed spreads that are offered by some market makers, the spreads of currency pairs do vary on ECNs, dependant on that particular pairs trading activity. Hence, traders must be aware of the different aspects of ECN trading before committing themselves to the risks of the market. Speedy trade execution As youve chosen to pick an ECN broker, you can be pretty certain the trade execution is going to as swift as possible.

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Selecting a trusted ECN Forex broker

Why use an ECN broker? With a retail FX broker, we may say that the broker is on the other side of all the trades. Its also important not to forget that costs arent just limited to spreads and commission. In some cases, Forex brokers may also offer an STP (Straight Through Processing) protocol, which is nothing but a hybrid of the market maker and ECN account protocols. It is can be more beneficial to choose an ECN broker owing to the fact that they will never trade against you like market makers. A market maker acts as the counterpart to a traders order, and it is up to a broker to decide whether they wish to pass on the opposite end of an order to other traders, or absorb them completely. You are now in a much better position to make an informed decision, and if you follow our tips and hints youll be well on the way to finding the perfect ECN broker to suit your preferences, style of trading, bank balance and expectations. You will find many people talking about STP and ECN brokers as if they are one and the same. Slippages Partial Fills: Market volatility is a key ingredient of ECN accounts, which is why traders will have to account for significantly higher slippages than those witnessed in market maker or STP accounts. On one side of the link is an ECN Forex broker that obtains liquidity from Tier-1 liquidity providers (major banks and makes it accessible for trading to its clients. Whether the best ECN broker is appropriate for you, that is a judgement call on your part.