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fee can be deducted. Price Ask price of one contract, in counter currency units. Accessible with the RollLong/Short variables. Example 1: AUD/USD on a micro lot EUR account has PipCost of 1000 *.0001 /.11 (current EUR/USD price).09 EUR. This process calculates how many are missing and attempts to backfile from current series. TickVolume to actual Transaction volume for the Bar. Example: You upload report file (ml) to m/myreport/, then you can access or share the report with the link m/myreport/. This name is used in the script and in the Asset scrollbox. Asset-specific strings must not have more than 7 characters. For currency pairs make sure to convert it to 10000 contracts.

For assets with pip size 1 and one contract per lot, the pip cost is just the conversion factor from counter currency to account currency. Licenses Pricing, license types, trial license, full license. In live trading, asset parameters are normally not read from the list, but loaded from the broker API in real time. By default, only a Demo and a Real account is available with the Account scrollbox. Also affects the Required Capital and the Annual Return forex scalping renko indicatori mt4 in the performance report. The default asset list can be changed by an entry in the account list (see below). The source can be either an online source ( quandl, AV, stooq, bittrex, etc or a broker/account name from the account list (like fxcm_Real:GER30 ; see below). For calculating it manually, multiply LotAmount with PIP and divide by the price of the account currency in the asset's counter currency. It is stored in a spreadsheet file named v in the History folder.

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